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Sanctuary in Greek Camps

The Sanctuary in Greek Camps activity is driven by a desire to improve the dire human rights situation of asylum seekers trapped in camps on the Greek islands.


Trips to Greece


Talks in Dublin


Journal Article

‘I lived in camps like Purgatory, more horrible than anywhere else in the world, with winter cold and summer heat. Because I was a refugee, because I did not have a piece of paper called a visa, but
even without a piece of paper, I am a human.

Mina, Afghanistan

Our aims are:

  • to support refugees and asylum seekers in the transition period after coming to Europe via Greece until they move on to other European countries.
  • to inform the public in Ireland of the situation in the Greek camps and the consequences of the EU migration policies
  • to learn from the refugees and asylums seekers about their experiences in migration and their coping mechanisms in their difficult limbo situation

In Greece,

Almut has visited Greek camps six times in recent years including Elipida camp in Thessalonki and Pikpa camp in Lesbos.

The teams in these camps provide language classes for adults and children and organise activities such as football, exercise classes, art and crafts. We create kindergarten and entertainment for children and help with supply of food, clothing, shelter. We also provide essential medical and psychosocial support

From Dublin,

Almut has spoken at numerous events in Dublin to raise awareness and campaign for human rights for those in Greek camps. Talks in Dublin include a fundraising talk entitled ‘Drop in the Ocean’ in 2017, and a talk in Trinity College Dublin for World Refugee Day 2018.

Further, Almust has contributed to literature with an article in the online Journal Studies of Art and Humanities Sept 2018.

Since March 2020 until the present time online teaching with Students of the camp.

The Camp Pikpa, was sadly closed down by the Greek Authorities on 30 October 2020.

If you would like to join an event, volunteer, donate or if you have any feedback or questions we would love to hear from you!

Leave a message below and Almut will get in touch with you shortly.

Almut Schlepper

Originally from Berlin, living in Ireland since 1979. Former Lecturer in DIT (now TUD) for Languages and Intercultural Studies. Now retired and working as a Volunteer English teacher.

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