‘Calling them by their names’ – An action against Fortress Europe for Refugee Week 2022 By Almut Schlepper

Hello everybody,

I am going to take part in this campaign where we will read the names of 44 660 refugees who drowned in the effort to reach Europe since 1993. The fates of these men, women, children and babies have been documented since 1993 on the “United against refugee deaths“ list:

The reading will take place over 3 days in the Passionskirche in Berlin on the occasion of Refugee day 2022.

The names will be also written on strips of cloths and hung up at the facade of the church.

Apart from “Calling them by their names” there will be readings, music, silences.

Also a petition demanding the end of this Fortress Europe policy will be sent to the responsible authorities.

Fortress Europe