Sanctuary in Faith

The concepts of Sanctuary and Hospitality are prominent in many different religions and espressions of faith. We seek to build support for the City of Sanctuary movment and to engage faith communities in helping to make our city a place of welcome for those seeking sanctuary. 


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“It is my hope that Dublin City of Sanctuary will continue to develop and become a pivotal point for inclusive and social interracial interaction in building bridges amongst people of all races and immigrants in Ireland through art and culture in the integration process where hatred is expensive and love is cheap, knowing and believing all we need is love and sanctuary.”

Joe, Artist

Within the Faiths Stream, we encourage local faith leaders and communities to become part of the Sanctuary network through a process of learning, embedding, and sharing. This process is intended to lead faith communities to engage in practical acts of friendship and solidarity.

We provide guidance and encouragement for faith groups to achieve a Places of Sanctuary designation. We follow a learn, embed and share process.

  • Learn: become familiar with the legal terms and processes around seeking sanctuary, and other issues related to asylum and migration.
  • Embed: ensure that this awareness becomes and dynamic part of the life of the faith community; look for ways to extend welcome, friendship and practical support; make this awareness part of the community’s decision-making processes; find ways to include the voices of those seeking sanctuary. 
  • Share: document and share your experiences; encourage other communities within your network/denomination to join in the Sanctuary journey as well.

We particularly encourage faith communities to mark Refugee Week in June each year in some way.

If your church, mosque, synagogue, meeting or group is ready to embark on its Sanctuary journey please do contact us using the form on the right.

If you would like to join an event, volunteer, donate or if you have any feedback or questions we would love to hear from you!

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Abigail Sines

Revd Abigail Sines is the Dean’s Vicar at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin. Abigail holds a Masters in Theology having studied Theology at Belfast Bible College and the Church of Ireland Theological Institute. Abigail and the team at Christchurch cathedral foster inclusion of people seeking international protection in the community. 

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