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Dublin City of Sanctuary supports entrepreneurs from a migrant background to start their own businesses. In addition we offer technology internships and support people to access employment.




Social Enterprises



“When I was studying Software Development level 6 in Rathmines College and I had to find an IT workplace to do my work experience for the course, the Dublin City of Sanctuary opportunity for an internship was a great help. Niamh offered to assist me and gave me an opportunity to do my two weeks work experience with her. I like working with Niamh because of the efforts she made to help me understand her business. Her encouragement and support made a massive difference in my ability to achieve.”

Ahmad, Syria

Our aims are to

  • help people new to Ireland to start their own businesses
  • provide career mentoring, particularly in technology, finance and the arts
  • leverage our relationships with multi-nationals and SMEs to connect people seeking sanctuary with those companies

We meet on the third Thursday of every month at 7.30pm. Please submit the form on the right to join Niamh, Byron and Muhamad to get an invite to the virtual meeting.

Support for new businesses establishing in Ireland

We share knowledge to support entrepreneurs in the critical early stages in a business, including support with company incorporation, business plans, social welfare entitlements, accounting, revenue requirements and with marketing, websites and social media.

We leverage our relationships with banks, insurance companies, Local Enterprise Offices and Social Welfare Offices so that we can leverage existing mainstream services and bring a particular understanding of the challenges faced by people recently arrived in Ireland, for example language and literacy issues, financial history etc.

Career Mentoring in Technology, Finance and other careers.

We support people seeking sanctuary with 1-1 mentoring to open up opportunities in education and career advancement. As part of this stream we work with migrants in Ireland and also people overseas with migrant/refugee/IDP backgrounds. We equip our clients  with winning CVs and cover letters. Through internships we provide real world experience to prepare them for work in Ireland. Finally we assist with job searches online and through introductions.

Leverage our relationships built over years of working in  business to connect migrants with opportunities

We engage with large Multi-National Enterprises and SMEs based in Ireland to connect people seeking sanctuary with opportunities in those companies. 

If you would like to join an event, volunteer, donate or if you have any feedback or questions we would love to hear from you!

Leave a message below and Niamh, Byron or Muhammad will get in touch with you shortly.

Niamh Phelan

Niamh Phelan

Niamh is a technologist, specialising in Data and Analytics, and has run her own consultancy business for 10 years. She has degree in Computer Science and an MSc. in Management Science. Niamh mentors technology interns and supports businesses with government supports information, strategy, technology and social media.

Byron Smith

Byron is passionate about finding people centric solutions to business and societal problems. With a background in finance and accounting, Byron provides invaluable advice to entrepreneurs at the company formation stage.

Muhammad Achour

Muhammad is a Syrian architect who believes that Art and Design are twin aims to make life better and more beautiful. He studied architecture in Aleppo, Syria graduating in 2007, and now works at DCU as a teaching assistant.

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