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City of Sanctuary Dublin - bringing people together.

We hold the vision that Dublin will be a welcoming city with a network of places, activities and spaces that are proud to be places of welcome and safety for all migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

We work to build coalitions of organisations from all sectors (voluntary, business, education, faith groups etc) which make a public commitment to welcome and include all people seeking sanctuary in their usual activities.

It is our belief, that when organisations, groups and projects include people seeking sanctuary in their activities, personal relationships will be formed which will lead to greater understanding and support.

Our focus is on ensuring that the process of working for a culture of hospitality and inclusion will benefit all migrant groups, as well as host communities.

City of Sanctuary Dublin is not affiliated to any political or religious organisation, but is linked to the wider City of Sanctuary movement which was first established in the UK in 2005 with a vision for making cities places that had a culture of welcome and inclusion, especially for those seeking sanctuary.

We welcome people of all backgrounds to join any of our existing activities or to start an activity with Dublin City of Sanctuary. 

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"It is my hope that Dublin City of Sanctuary will continue to develop and become a pivotal point for inclusive and social interracial interaction, building bridges amongst people of all races and immigrants in Ireland through art and culture. In the integration process hatred is expensive and love is cheap. Know and believe all we need is love and sanctuary. "

Joe Obidoh, Artist