Sanctuary in Faith – Helpful guide to becoming a Place of Sanctuary – By Abigail Sines

Revd Abigail Sines is the Dean’s Vicar at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin. Abigail holds a Masters in Theology having studied Theology at Belfast Bible College and the Church of Ireland Theological Institute. Abigail and the team at Christchurch cathedral foster inclusion of people seeking international protection in the community.

We are eager to encourage other faith groups to become Places of Sanctuary. We hope by increasing the network to increase the visibility of the Sanctuary movement, to enable opportunities sharing of experiences and even visits to one another’s communities to join in activities together.

One of our ambitions for the future is the establishment of an annual Churches of Sanctuary conference. We hope as well by increasing this network that as asylum-seeking friends move from one part of the island to another we would be able to commend them to another Church of Sanctuary in their new local area, where they could expect to find a similar offer of welcome and friendship.

We have created a guide intended to encourage and help churches to engage in the process of joining the
Churches of Sanctuary network. Please do feel free to download this for consideration by your own Church.

Become a Church of Sanctuary

In the guide we reference our ‘Statement of Commitment’. This document is available here:

Sanctuary Statement Of Commitment

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you into the Sanctuary in Faith stream!


A service of thanksgiving in Christ Church Cathedral Dublin, Feb, 2020