We welcome people of all backgrounds to join any of our existing activities.  

We also love to hear from projects that are already operating and would like to learn more about becoming a Dublin City of Sanctuary activity. We hope you might considering bringing your project under the City of Sanctuary umbrella and we are on hand to help grow any  projects that are intended to be for the benefit of migrants in Dublin. 

Further if you have an idea for an activity we would be delighted to help you get started!

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We seek to support and promote any activities in Dublin that align with the City of Sanctuary Network principles.

City of Sanctuary Network Principles

  • Offer a positive vision of a culture of welcome and hospitality to all.
  • Create opportunities for relationships of friendship and solidarity between local people and those seeking sanctuary
  • Recognise and encourage partnership working and network development across localities
  • Identify opportunities for practical action and work on common cause issues to effect change within and across communities (turning empathy into action).
  • Celebrate and promote the welcome and contribution of people seeking sanctuary
  • Engage people seeking sanctuary in decision making processes at all levels and in all activities
  • Promote understanding of asylum and refugee issues, especially by enabling sanctuary seekers voices to be heard directly.
To start an activity please do contact us at: [email protected]

Join an Activity

We welcome people of all backgrounds to join our activities. To join an existing activity, use the contact us form on the activity page to contact the activity owners or email us at [email protected].